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Ben Mitchell

Brooks Center for STEM and the Arts Magnet Middle School
3802 E 27th St. North
My name is Ben Mitchell. I am the proud principal at Brooks MS. This is my 3rd year as the building leader. Brooks has created a trauma-sensitive, restorative model that meets students and families where they are and attempts to bring grace, humanity, and accountability into the equation when we are dealing with conflict. We have three employees who are central to our design. We call these employees our Student Focus Managers (SFM's). There role is to be the "Swiss Army Knives" of our building. Their role is to be adaptable, pliable, and responsive to what ever is needed to give our building stability. They work in an collaborative role with administrators, teachers, support staff, and especially students. We have an SFM assigned to each grade level. They have all been in this role for two years. Our building is a much better place for students because of our building wide approach to students and because we have such valuable people in key roles. Our entire building is moving towards being more responsive rather than reactionary to students' needs. Each year and each students bring new challenges that stretch our abilities to give them a place that cares about them and makes them feel like they belong.